Drivers cap holiday festivities

Drivers across numerous divisions competed at Rattlesnake Raceway's two-day Fourth of July event last week.

Drivers across numerous divisions competed at Rattlesnake Raceway's two-day Fourth of July event last week.

The Fourth of July festivities roared to a close on Thursday with numerous events at Rattlesnake Raceway.

Drivers in Hobby Stock and Northern Nevada Outlaw Karts plus the Ironman Challenge featuring the IMCA division capped the two-day celebration.

Mike Olsen captured the checkered flag in the Hobby Stock main event, while Rob Carey nabbed second. Olsen, though, took fourth in his preliminary hear, behind Royce Goetz, Ray White and Aaron Benham.

Cary, meanwhile, took fifth in his prelim as Rocky Goetz, Wes Washburn, Mikki Beauchat and Mike White finished first through fourth, respectively.

Royce Goetz and Rocky Goetz, though, placed third and fourth, respectively, in the main event followed by Beauchat, Dennis Buehn and White.

As for the points race, Royce Goetz maintained his lead in the division with 226. He is followed by Benham (205), Washburn (204), Carl Barlow (179) and Buehn (176).

In kart action, Trey Walter took home first in his prelim and the main event in the Box Stock class. Cade Maestas took second in the main event followed by Jordan Mull, Grasen Ternora and Kolbie Mace.

In the 500 class, Adam Walter took first in prelim and followed up with a second-place mark in the main event.

On Wednesday, meanwhile, Al Bishop and Christy Rasmussen won their respective heats in the Gen-X division. Bishop edged out Shawn Hartzell, Dave Raber, Kali Pope and Cody Thunder in the first heat. Rasmussen took the checkered flag over Mikki Beauchat, Steve Eisele, Holly Olsen and Lee Ketten Jr.

Beauchat and Harztell, though, finished second and third, respectively, behind Raber in the main event. Beauchat leads Hartzell, 222-219, in the overall standings. Pope and Raber are tied for third with 205 and Eisele is fourth with 204.

As for the karts, Shansen Ternora won the main event in the beginner class, while Xavier Frock placing second. Ternora leads the points race with 125.

In the box stock class, McKenna Krshul swept her two races as she gathered first-place finishes in the preliminary heat and main event.

She extended her points lead to 11 over Kolbie Mace.

KateLynn Robertson had another solid performance as she won her prelim and placed second in the main event of the 250 cc class. She has a 27-point lead over Jacob Dias, who won Wednesday’s main event.


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