Letters to the editor for Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mine for facts; don’t believe only what you want to hear

I was pleased to see Sam Bauman’s commentary regarding political conversation at the Carson City Senior Center.

I often go there and enjoy the good lunch and conversation; however, once in a while I hear some wild rumor bashing President Obama. When I ask the person where that information came from, I am always waved off as if I should not be questioning such things. Have seniors become so dumbed down that many of us believe such crazy rumors?

At least for the younger generations, I hope there are plenty of Americans who have basic computer knowledge and enough motivation to do their own fact-checking before believing every story that comes out of talk radio, Fox “News,” etc. It is just a matter of typing in a word or three about the topic into the home page search box, hitting “Enter” and then actually reading the results, which should include a wide array of relevant facts and opinions.

Oh, yes — and one more thing is needed — an open mind.

Andy Harold

Carson City

Inexpensive class has senior feeling young and energized

Thanks to an exercise class I have been attending, I am 82 years young and again, finally, very much alive. I have been taking a class twice a week with Jerry Vance. Before taking the class, I could not walk without a cane, could not get up from an armless chair on my own, could not cross one leg over the other. In class, I sit with a number of men and women, some in their 70s and 80s, with one 95 year old who has become my mentor. They say they have been coming to this class for 8-20 years, so no wonder they are agile and look young.

After one week, I could rise from an armless chair without assistance. After two weeks, I could cross my legs over each other. My legs were very weak, almost atrophied, and now are much stronger. I can walk again. And I have more energy.

This class charges a fee I can afford: one dollar. Unbelievable for what one gets out of it for only a dollar. Jerry has classes every day all over Carson City. Call her for a schedule at 775-841-7312, and pick what is best for you.

Florence Phillips

Carson City


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