Sandoval: Energy secretary talk ‘frank and blunt’

Gov. Brian Sandoval described his conversation with U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz as “frank and blunt.”

The two talked Thursday about Sandoval’s objections to a plan to ship waste materials that officials consider highly radioactive to the National Security Site in Southern Nevada. Sandoval and others say the material is high-level waste and unsuitable for the site. The Department of Energy wants to ship more than 400 containers of the U-233 waste to Nevada.

“While we agreed to disagree on specific points, we committed to having a continued open dialog and further discussions on this important matter,” Sandoval said after the talk.

Sandoval requested a talk with Moniz in June but got no answer. His second letter last week was more strongly worded asking for a meeting as soon as possible.

Moniz responded two days later.

There was no indication in a news release that the Energy Department plans to back away from the plan.


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