Letters to the editor for Thursday, July 25, 2013

Two stand-your-ground rulings contradict each other

An armed person shot an unarmed person, even when he was told to stand down and was set scot free. And yet in the exact same county a woman, in her own home, stood her ground, gave off a warning shot into the ceiling, and after 12 minutes the jury came back with a 20 year sentence.

Unbelievable. What phony hypocrites we are, not are we, trust me, we are ...

Anneliese Puthe

Carson City

Woman already face dangers from abortion

A man wrote in distress about the battle in the House of Representatives over a woman’s freedom of choice. He stated that if abortion was not legal, women would be forced to go back to performing abortions by their own hands. He failed to realize that woman are dying all the time from abortions in our country today, from complications, from poor regulation, and from an immense increased rate of suicide and other health problems.

Abortion clinics are poorly regulated because it can be perceived as limiting a woman’s freedom of choice. I am a young woman and love my freedom, too. However, does freedom of choice permit me to choose to do anything I want like steal, lie to get my way, hurt others? Of course not. The unborn child in the womb has its own DNA from conception which is all it needs, beside proper nutrition and protection, to grow into a mature adult. The child’s heart beats at 21 days, and he or she feels pain at 20 weeks. Sure this child is dependent on the mother for protection, but so is a new baby.

Carrying a child can be a very difficult experience, but we as Americans and human beings have been tried many times and have shown ourselves capable of undergoing great pain to do the right thing. Women would not be forced to take abortion into their own hands because no one is forced to choose something that will hurt themselves and others.

April Shonnard

Carson City


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