WNC News & Notes: Flex classes involve learning in person or online



This fall, Western Nevada College will introduce a new learning format that offers students greater flexibility in their education. The new course type, referred to as a flex class, has an established meeting time and is being broadcast live. Flex classes are face-to-face classes, yet they also are available online.

A student may choose to attend a flex class in person, watch live online or tune in for a recorded lecture at a more convenient time. A student may also opt to alternate between attending online or in person at any point, and the recorded lectures can be used as study tools.

“We are increasing the access to education with technology,” said WNC distance education coordinator Clarence Maise. “The online live and recorded classroom components can be viewed from a smartphone or any computer with an Internet connection.”

There will be at least six flex classes offered during the fall semester; they can be found by searching for classes marked as “lecture capture” in the class schedule. They include Bookkeeping I, Financial Accounting, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Strategies for Academic Success, United States History 1865 to Present, and World Religions. Classroom locations for Bookkeeping and Accounting are in Fallon, while the other four classes will meet at WNC Carson City.

For class information or to schedule a meeting with a WNC counselor, call 775-445-3267.

Summer Classes Begin June 10

It’s not to late to register for summer classes at Western Nevada College. The summer term begins Monday, June 10, and offers students the opportunity to earn full credit on a condensed schedule. More than 60 general education classes and program electives are available, offered on campus and online.

Popular offerings include Basic Writing III (ENG 98), Basic Writing Strategies (ENG 99), Elementary Algebra (MATH 95) and Developmental Mathematics (MATH 98). These classes are intended to prepare students for enrollment in college-level English and mathematics courses. Strategies for Academic Success (EPY 150) is a great class for new college students; it helps students learn study techniques and tools to be successful in college.

To register or view a list of classes, visit my.wnc.edu.

Fall Offerings

The new school year that begins Aug. 26 at Western Nevada College will provide students with fresh opportunities for class offerings leading to a degree, a certificate or certification. Some of the new and interesting courses that are catching students’ attention are Faith, Witchcraft and Magic (ANTH 215) and Spanish for Heritage Speakers I (SPAN 226), as well as Shop Mathematics (MATH 110) and Technical Communications I (ENG 107).

The Faith, Witchcraft and Magic class will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Professor Hal Starratt. The class provides scientific examination and comparison of world religious beliefs. It provides an awareness of the wide spectrum of cultural and social variations throughout the world while stressing characteristics that all human beings share.

Cecilia Merchan will teach Spanish for Heritage Speakers I, which is deigned for Spanish-speaking students who desire to improve their literacy in the language. Students will study and practice basic Spanish grammar so they can improve and develop their written and oral communication and reading skills while exploring some of the more intriguing and important aspects of the culture.

New classes also are designed to target the skills necessary for technical careers. In Shop Mathematics, Professor Richard Arrigotti will cover proportions, measurements, geometry and algebra for students seeking vocational and technology-based degrees. In Technical Communications I, students will learn the style of writing used to create reports, manuals, proposals and other documents required in technical fields.

Fall classes begin Monday, Aug. 26. Students can register at my.wnc.edu. To meet with an academic adviser, contact Counseling Services at 775-445-3267.


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