75 Years Ago

This summer try the train! Southern Pacific offers you the fastest service east and west on the luxurious Overland Limited, the Pacific Limited and the friendly San Francisco Challenger, with its 25, 30 and 35 cent meals, stewardess-nurse and special chair car for women and children. The train is made wonderful by an air-conditioned, delightfully cool, and clean environment.

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, June 18, 1938

Take it or leave it! William Bergman and Alfred Crawley were on a timber cruising trip north of Mine Center when they decided to camp out for the night. Crawley declared that a lake trout would taste mighty good for supper. Before long he caught a 5 pounder and started to clean the fish. All of a sudden a big great northern pike shot out of the weeds and grabbed the trout right away from Crawley. Good-by supper!

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, June 18, 1938

50 Years Ago

Roper Drive-In Theatre! Shows start at dusk. Playing: “Sayonara”, “The Couch”, “West Bound”, plus “Say One For Me”, “The Commancheros” and “Misty”. Just $1.00 per car!

Churchill County Eagle, Tuesday, June 11, 1963

Fallon won in the Home-In-Home golf tournament held in Carson City between Fallon and Carson City. In the low gross, John Huckaby won with a 74 gross; Bill Vaughn, second, with a 75 and Tuffy Buchanon, 76.

Churchill County Eagle, Tuesday, June 11, 1963

Uncle Charley’s “Epigrins”: “Today it takes more brains to make out an income tax form than it does to make the income”. “Most Folks who don’t know what they want are killing themselves to get it”. “These new cars are all made longer but the parkin’ spaces ain’t”. “Tubby Tyler gets up with nothin’ to do and by night it’s all half done.”

Churchill County Eagle, Tuesday, June 11, 1963

A View From The Past… Stories from the Churchill County Museum & Archives researched and compiled by Margo Weldy, museum assistant, and Justina Wenger, museum intern.


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