Nevada Department of Agriculture signs cooperative agreement with non-profit horse group

The Nevada Department of Agriculture has signed a cooperative agreement with the nonprofit organization Return to Freedom, Inc. located in Lompoc, Calif. The organization is a sponsor of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign.

Currently, the Nevada Department of Agriculture limits its collection of Virginia Range estray horses to urban areas and roadways for public safety purposes. Return to Freedom may purchase all such horses collected by the Nevada Department of Agriculture for $100 per horse on an as-is basis. Any horses tendered to but not accepted by Return to Freedom within two business days after being notified shall be subject to disposition by the Nevada Department of Agriculture in any manner permitted by law.

Return to Freedom will work with third-parties who adopt or purchase the estray horses ensuring that the horses will not be released back on the Virginia Range, a violation of Nevada Revised Statute. Return to Freedom will provide the Nevada Department of Agriculture with an annual report of all horses resold or placed during the previous 12 months.

The cooperative agreement applies to Washoe, Storey and Lyon counties and Carson City.


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