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John Meder Collection

John Meder Collection

130 Years Ago

Hot hat: A Carson man purchased a $4 hat from Lilenfeld’s shop. He came home elated about his purchase and hung the hat on the kitchen stove pipe... In the morning his wife got up and built a fire in the stove. Scents of burning felt reached the kitchen just in time to ascertain that the hot elbow of the pipe burned its way through the top of his hat... Sadly, he spent the rest of the morning in repentance and blasphemy.

120 Years Ago

Rippy’s delusion: Rippy rented a box from the Safe Deposit Company in San Francisco and never put any money in it. He would check it over and over every day, and it was always empty. He finally got it into his head that John Mackay was the man who had stolen his money. Hearing that Rippy was laboring under the hallucination that he had been robbed, someone suggested to him in spite that Mackay was the party. Rippy finally got his pistol, started out for revenge and shot Mackay. It is now in order to find out who suggested the idea...

70 Years Ago

Rats: Authorities said that rats had overrun the farming community of Concord, destroying poultry, grain and truck produce... Truck drivers reported that hordes of rats crossed the road in front of his truck. No explanation is given, but farmers believe that war born prudence of housewives had driven the rats from San Francisco bay area cities into the countryside to forage for food as daily kitchen refuse in the bay area had diminished...

50 Years Ago

Editorial: Sale of Marlette Lake by the Curtiss Wright corporation threatens Carson City with loss of water. Ninety percent of water from Marlette Lake comes to Carson. Estimated price of the Marlette lake is $2,429,690...

30 Years Ago

Carson City High School hot lunch St. Patrick’s Day: Luck O’ the Irish Stew, Blarney Stone rolls, green clover pears...

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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