Letters to the editor March 19

Liberals actually do God’s work

In Frank Paluch’s desperate attempt to malign Liberals he said, “This is why Liberals say, ‘God must die.’” Really? The only thing that needs to die is that lie.

Most of us “Liberal” Democrats love God. The God who tells us to “do good works,” remember Him? Liberals actually do God’s work. They collectively fought for women and African Americans to have the right to vote, they fought for the rights of senior citizens and the working poor, they fought against slavery, ended child labor, segregation and apartheid and brought you the vacation and the five-day work week. Do those accomplishments sound like “God’s work” to you? Do you enjoy these rights today? If so, thank a Liberal.

The do-nothing Republican-controlled House passed zero job bills, choosing rather to focus on passing bills that end Medicare, gay marriage and women’s reproductive rights. They passed voter suppression bills and bills to protect tax breaks for big oil, special interests and corporations who ship our jobs overseas. One hundred and thirty eight Republicans recently voted against the Violence Against Women Act.

Actions speak louder than words, they speak volumes. The radical right has become the American Taliban accusing others of hating God while doing everything humanly possible to pass laws that hurt everyone else.

The fear mongering on the right is just a tool to control “the sheeples,” those too lazy or dim to think for themselves like those who watch “Faux” News and listen to talk (hate) radio. Question everything.

Robin Christy

Carson City

Confiscators will soon look at duct tape

Prepare to see the gun confiscators turn their attention to duct tape. After all, all they know about guns is what they see on TV crime shows.

Every gun shown on TV is aimed at another person. Some are in the hands of the good guys. Some are in the hands of bad guys. All are aimed at each other. Therefore, guns are evil. That’s all they know.

Well, pay attention, all duct tape shown on TV is used to restrain innocent victims prior to abuse or torture. Therefore, duct tape must be evil.

Stand by folks, with current illogic, it’s coming.

Joe Hanus

Carson City


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