Rep. Amodei’s mother, a familiar face to Nevada voters, dies at 80

Silver City Schoolmates at party from left to right are

Silver City Schoolmates at party from left to right are

Joy Longero Amodei died Tuesday at age 80.

She was the mother of Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev., and Denise Amodei Boyden.

Services have not been scheduled.

Amodei’s staff issued a statement saying details will be forthcoming.

Amodei left Washington, D.C., late Tuesday to return to Carson City.

Joy Amodei’s face became well-known to Nevada voters during her son’s election battle with Treasurer Kate Marshall.

After Marshall put out TV ads charging that Amodei wanted to end Medicare, Joy Amodei appeared in a commercial with her son saying that wasn’t true.

After the ad stated that Amodei would protect Medicare, it ended with Amodei sitting with his arm around his then-79-year-old mother, saying, “I’m Mark Amodei, and I approve this message.”

“Me, too,” said his mother.

The ad helped Amodei defuse Marshall’s lead with seniors on the Medicare issue and win the congressional election by a margin of nearly 2-to-1.


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