Letters to the Editor for Friday, March 22

Sewage a bigger issue than widening Carson Street

I would sincerely hope that the best interests of all the citizens of Carson City are taken into account and not just the vocal few in deciding whether to narrow Carson Street or wait for a couple of years. The stretch of road impacted is less than one mile, but the impact of narrowing a road that is still used as an alternative to Fairview to get to the Highway 395 bypass would not be minor as some have stated.

In addition, there is some misinformation being spread by some letter writers to the Appeal. Recently, a writer stated that the cost of this change would be $40,000. Wow, where did that figure come from? Mayor Crowell said in his State of the City address that the cost would be $150,000. Are those who want the change to be made now fudging facts or was the estimate given by the mayor wrong? I tend to believe the mayor’s numbers.

The reality is that our sewage system is in need of repair and updating and not making that work a priority over Carson Street is shortsighted at best. The sewage treatment plant impacts a lot more citizens of Carson City than does a, supposed, lack of parking for the few businesses involved. There is plenty of parking downtown, it just isn’t right in front of businesses. Is lack of parking the issue or is it the recession? Wait until the bypass is completed and then see what the traffic looks like.

David Knighton

Carson City

Bill is needed to help prevent cruel horse-tripping practice

I am usually one who uses discretion when voicing my opinion, but I was truly horrified when I read the recent article about “horse tripping.”

Thank heavens our Senate Committee introduced this SB72 to ban this practice. I am an avid animal lover and almost could not even read the entire article! These are beautiful creatures who deserve to be treated with care, dignity and respect like all animals. They have no voice and we have a duty to care for them and stand up for their humane treatment. I completely support SB72, ask for its passage and applaud you for standing up for these horses!

Horse tripping is cruel animal abuse and we, in our civilized society, must not stand for it!

Victoria Williams

Carson City


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