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140 years ago

Apologetic. We were guilty of styling the ornate structure standing against Abe Driesbach’s store as a “lime house of the shed variety.” It is a cross between a bowling alley and rope walk and at the end a cow house and pig pen. The heading to this column is such, because of bloodthirsty threats from Driesback himself.

130 years ago

Here in Carson the mania for spiritualistic phenomenon has broken out and not a night passes that a circle of people are not gathered in one or more houses trying to get manifestations. There are more confirmed believers in spiritualism in Carson than most people are aware of (continued Tuesday).

100 years ago

Sheriff Burke returned last night from a trip of 10 days to the north part of Washoe County to investigate the shooting of George Empfield by Jesse Hapgood near Bald mountain. The sheriff determined it was in self defense — Journal.

70 years ago

Lieutenant William J. Cashill, speaker of the Nevada Assembly for the 1941 session, spent some time in Carson today. Cashill, who practiced law in Reno was recently promoted to lieutenant, senior grade. He has seen service in the Atlantic and Pacific.

50 years ago

Civil rights drove a wedge in Republican unity when Lt. Gov. Paul Laxalt and Sen. James Slattery took opposing views on a senate bill to create a Legislative civil rights committee.

20 years ago

Thirteen-year-old Jack Clark’s parents probably thought all practice driving at Fuji Park mini-cars was a waste of time and money until the elder Clark accidentally was shot in the chest with his own gun. Jack started his father’s Toyota truck and drove him to a telephone while the two were target shooting.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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