Water discoloration, pressure drop likely in some Carson City areas soon

It won’t be an April Fool’s Day joke when Carson City’s Public Works Department begins starting up and testing additional wells Monday, beginning a two month-period affecting some residents at different times.

People might experience lowered water pressure at some point during the two months, as well as discolored water. Warnings will go out when a particular part of the city is expected to be affected.

The work is set to continue through May 30, according to Public Works, and is in anticipation of increased water demand during peak usage periods of the year.

Water mains affected by flushing will be in the following areas: Riverview, Stanton Park, Woodside Terrace, River Knolls, Parc de Maison, Empire Ranch, and Lewis Homes.

Residents in those areas will be notified, either in person or via front door hanger notifications, 24 hours before the flushing. Residents might experience discolored water during the flushing and for a few hours afterward.

During the flushing and well-startup process, sediment that collected at the bottom of water mains might get stirred up and cause discoloration. Such water might stain light-colored clothing, so residents should check washing machine water with a cup or glass before doing laundry.

If discoloration continues beyond four or six hours, contact the city Water Division at 775-887-2355, according to Public Works.


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