Carson City bus users feel safe and want on-time service, survey shows

Carson City’s bus system appears stretched and near its limits, according to Transit Coordinator Ken Smithson.

Reporting to the Regional Transportation Commission on a survey of people using the Jump Around Carson (JAC) system, Smithson said Wednesday evening that about 55 percent of users surveyed felt buses arrive on time at their scheduled stops. That reflects time perception, but one would like the percentage to be higher, he said.

“I think that’s where we are in Carson City,” he said, noting the bus system is stretched like a rubber band to near capacity. “You can only stretch it so far before it snaps.”

Reducing some of that system-wide tension could require additional buses and routes, or other ways to alleviate pressure, Smithson said.

Generally, he told RTC members, people surveyed gave the system good marks.

“You’ll notice that we scored fairly well,” he said. Smithson also cited some comments that stood out in the survey. For example, a few would prefer buses be painted a different color. He indicated there was one novel suggestion.

“One person,” Smithson reported, “said, ‘Buy me a car.’”

An RTC member noted that 84 percent of survey respondents feel safe and secure on city buses.

The report came during an RTC session that followed a meeting of the Carson Area Metropolitan Organization (CAMPO), which includes some of the same members who sit on that city commission. CAMPO also includes members from nearby jurisdictions to help analyze and make recommendations on metro-area transport issues.


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