Crews working fire at Parkway Plaza Apartments

A fire burned four apartment units Saturday evening in the Parkway Plaza apartment complex. The fire killed pets, but there were no human injuries.

“We’re not sure of the cause of the fire,” Assistant Fire Chief Tom Tarulli said.

Both bottom apartment units were fully engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived on scene and was spreading quickly into the upper units.

Flames were able to spread upward partially through a stairwell.

Two of the apartment units were believed to be occupied while the other two were not.

The units were dispatched around 5:42 p.m., Tarulli said. By 6:10, the fire was under control.

“We’re very pleased with the fire tac,” the attack on the fire.

All three engines were available when the call came out and one Douglas County engine also responded to the fire.

The fire remains under investigation. The Red Cross was called in to assist.


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