School district and city set to host joint meeting

Carson City School District officials will discuss the district’s strategic plan and meaningful links to the city’s initiatives related to education and lifelong learning during a joint meeting of school board trustees and Carson City supervisors at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

“In August of 2011, nearly 200 interested community members joined ranks with school trustees and administration of the school district to discuss education in Carson City,” said district Superintendent Richard Stokes. “The experience resulted in a community concept for education and the creation of a series of ideas or beliefs to serve as major themes for our time.”

The adoption of the district strategic plan was followed by the successful application for federal Race to the Top funds to support its implementation.

“The end product, a transparent, rigorous curriculum with high expectations of career readiness for all students, will be impactful for teachers, students and their families, and the community at large,” said Allen Gosselin, project lead for the Race to the Top grant at Carson High School.

The Board of Supervisors adopted 2012-13 initiatives for excellence in education and lifelong learning with specific direction to support local schools and Western Nevada College.

“Education in all its forms is a community responsibility — a responsibility that we all share as residents of Carson City,” said Mayor Robert Crowell. “While the school district has primary jurisdiction over the day-to-day public education of our youth, the city should and does play a supportive role to ensure that we are all doing our part to promote and enhance the efforts of the school board. In that way, we maximize the efforts of each entity.”

The Carson City Library and the district are working together to develop the joint meeting program to include highlights of current public-private partnership.

The Carson City Library will adopt its 2014-19 strategic plan Nov. 20. Objectives emphasize the library’s role in inspiring learning with technology tools and programs designed for increasing digital literacy, according to a news release.


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