Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013

Unemployed should back better education

Bullis presents opposition to the Education Initiative in the Nov. 3 Appeal. Taxes are a major consideration in business decisions, but may not be the most important consideration. Nevada ranks third in business environments behind Wyoming. This comparison generally holds true with some variation based on the research firm presenting the report. In the May 2013 report by the United States Census Bureau, Nevada spent $8,527 per student in 2011 compared to Wyoming’s $15,849. That puts Wyoming in 11th place and Nevada in 46th place. The Wyoming Business Council’s website advertises “first place in college affordability” and “third highest percent of high school graduates.” The Las Vegas Sun reported Nevada has the third worst graduation rate in the nation!

One would be misguided in believing meaningful businesses will make a decision to not locate here based solely on the passage of the Education Initiative. Some (Ikea and Earthlink) decided not to locate here citing lack of education. Education matters to business. Business requires an educated workforce, so they look for communities that can supply them. Imagine explaining a plan of relocation to Nevada where schools rank 44th place out of 50 for math and science!

The point is not to say the Initiative is good or bad. My hope is readers will educate themselves. There is a balance between taxation and services we desire. While the article suggests the unemployed should oppose the tax, one could argue if you are unemployed, you should support education knowing full well how it has impacted you directly.

Mike Cowan

Carson City

Commander in chief bucks responsibility

Where does the “buck” stop in Washington? It seems the buck does not stop at Obama’s Oval Office desk. Harry Truman had a plaque on his desk that read “The buck stops here,” and it did. He accepted full responsibility and reprimanded the perpetrators responsible for their incompetence. Why is President Obama willing to accept mediocrity from his administration?

The past 18 months we witnessed hearings conducted by Congress to learn who was responsible for Fast and Furious; Benghazi; IRS scandal; and now the failure in the implementation of his own signature legislation — the Affordable Care Act. Whatever the scandal, the administration’s explanation is that Mr. Obama was out of the loop, deliberately or otherwise. Does he have a staff problem, or are they covering for him? It is time for leadership. We do not need a bystander president!

Inga Silver

Carson City


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