Letters to the editor for Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013

Wheeler a problem for weak-kneed RINOs

Jim Wheeler, assemblyman for Assembly District 39 (Douglas County, Dayton, and part of Storey County), kept his campaign promises, delivering an unapologetically pro-gun, fiercely anti-tax record in his first legislative year. In addition, he was a fearless scold, calling out those in his own party who lurched to the left.

That’s a problem for the RINO Republican establishment caucus; they don’t like it when Wheeler reminds them of the platform they ran on. But the RINOs can’t get rid of Wheeler by opposing him on the issues. So, a few weeks ago they took the quick and dirty path, character assassination, recruiting the former AD 39 seat warmer as its public face.

Now the RINOs have jumped on a 2-month-old video of a Wheeler town hall meeting dug up by their Democrat friends, featuring a bit of Wheeler’s hyperbole. It was nothing compared to Sen. Reid calling Obama a “light-skinned” African American with “no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one.” But the anti-Wheeler politicians who failed to call out Reid are exercising their selective outrage to call for Wheeler’s head.

This fight is headed to the Republican primary, and it’s going to get dirtier. This is your chance to save a true conservative public servant. If you’re in AD 39, make sure you’re eligible to vote in the upcoming Republican primary and send Jim Wheeler a contribution.

Lynn Muzzy


Forget term limits; let Obama continue reign

Considering the stunning success the Affordable Care Act has enjoyed, I have a suggestion. Because our insurance companies are ran by greedy, private sector capitalist dogs, there are millions of Americans who have no auto, home and life insurance. Our federal agencies are well positioned to fill these voids and relieve the massive suffering.

One other thing: those mundane, archaic term limit rules should not apply to Barack Obama. As long as he can defeat a Republican stiff every four years, he should stay in office. His consistent leadership is vital as we joyously march toward the utopian society envisioned by Marx and Engels.

Robert Burchfield



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