Cheers & Kudos: Holmes & Mannikko dentists came through

Holmes & Mannikko dentists came through

I would like to speak for the many without their consent, yet I don’t think they will mind. We stand and salute the staff and dentist at Holmes & Mannikko dentistry in Carson for their outstanding performance on Nov. 8.

When I arrived, their parking lot and office were lined and covered with American flags. All the staff were smiles from ear to ear and just welcomed us all. We checked in, and from there — without any cost to any of us — the dentist and staff took care of our dental problems from cleaning to extractions to whatever (with their Adopt a Vet Program).

The staff at Holmes & Mannikko helped so many. What a great job they did for the veterans. I thank you, and all you helped thank you. I hope all who read this thank Holmes & Mannikko dentistry for going above and beyond for a job well done and having our six.

Dave Perrott



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