Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013

Progressives didn’t invent the practice of class warfare

Class warfare is not new.

“That the rich man enjoyed the fruit of the poor man’s labour, and the latter were a thousand to one in proportion to the former; that the bulk of our people were forced to live miserably, by labouring every day for small wages, to make a few live plentifully.”

Today’s progressives? No, Jonathan Swift in 1726.

John Stopp

Carson City

Willow Bill deserves kudos for brightening children’s lives

Willow Bill (also known as the reindeer man) deserves more acclaim and credit than for just lifting valley spirits at Christmas time. He should be recognized for the outstanding job he does with local children inside the classroom. Bill offers an engaging opening presentation, including showing several different types of willow branches. He explains the varieties, where they grow, and the names of each kind. He engages the children completely with heartfelt passion!

Once the class is shown the woodworking tools, you can feel the excited anticipation for a turn to assist Bill in assembly of the willow branch reindeer. During all various steps and questions, Bill asks them for their names. He then recalls them with case and before leaving, knows most of them. As the willow reindeer takes shape before their eyes, the classroom is filled with excitement. As the students autograph the branches, they say goodbye to Bill with smiling eyes!

Susan Garcia

Carson City


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