Carson City man convicted for contributing to toddler’s brain damage

A Carson City man was convicted of child neglect with substantial bodily harm for a second time Friday, after leaving a 3-year-old girl brain-damaged in 2010.

Justin Carrigan was found guilty of child neglect with substantial bodily harm but acquitted him of child abuse with substantial bodily harm during a trial Sept. 29, 2011. He appealed his conviction to the Nevada Supreme Court, which reversed it due to an error in the trial court’s jury instruction.

On Sept. 27, 2010, Carrigan was caring for the girl. He told witnesses that the toddler lost consciousness, and instead of calling 911, he left the home.

Ellis suffered irreversible brain damage from a lack of oxygen after her heart stopped.

“While she may never understand that the person who is responsible for her permanent brain damage was found guilty, her family and friends will always remember the service and justice this jury provided to her,” said the lead prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Mark Krueger. “Two juries convicted this man of his neglect in deliberately refusing to call 911 when a toddler was obviously in need of medical attention.”

Ellis now lives in a 24-hour care facility. Sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 21.


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