Your generosity is needed again

Those who live here in the Lahontan Valley have known for years what a generous, giving community we have.

When the occasion arises to assist individuals or families, there is a group of people willing to help that specific cause. We saw it during the 2012 holidays when two families escaped their burning house and how the community banded together to provide clothing, money, food and toys.

We saw it again for three other families who lost most of their possessions when fire gutted their homes.

The community responded by giving their time, money, food and clothing.

We have recently seen the community rally around two young boys fighting leukemia.

Every year, the local Fallon Relay for Life raises thousands of dollars.

Now, our community is responding to another challenge to help two of their neighbors, Skylar Cervantes and Shelley Hubbard.

The Cancer Warriors for Nevada is putting together its final touches for Saturday’s second annual Redneck Shindig at the fairgrounds to raise funds for Skylar and Shelly, who are both fighting cancer.

Laurel Topken and her cadre of volunteers are providing a day-long list of activities from a run/walk, costume contest with a Little Redneck King and Queen bachelor and bachelorette lunch auction, a Mexican feast and a raffle.

Cancer Warriors is also accepting donations, not only on the day of the shindig but also at any time by contacting Tiffany at 775-629-2629 or

A committee working on the “Tournament of Talent — a Benefit for Shelly Hubbard” is seeking to showcase some of Fallon’s best talent and will also conduct an auction for those “one of a kind” items. Jane Moon, in speaking for the committee, is asking our residents to help find some of Fallon’s best talent who may be able to belt out a great song, dance, juggle, tell some good comedic stories, yodel and so on.

The committee is searching the valley for all ages who may want to perform individually or in a group.

Auditions are Oct. 8-9 from 6-9 p.m.

Know of any talent? Give Terra a call at 775-426-8024 to schedule an audition. Tickets for the main event are $10 and are on sale now. Check the committee out on its Facebook site and follow the LVN website and Facebook for information on the “Tournament of Talent” and the “Redneck Shindig.”

Residents who love, work and play in the Lahontan Valley are known for their generosity and heart. Skylar and Shelly are two individuals who need your help now and the months ahead.

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