Redneck Shindig fundraiser to help local cancer victims

The second annual Redneck Shindig hosted by Cancer Warriors for Central Nevada is Saturday and hopes to help raise more than $5,000 for Shelly Hubbard and Skylar Cervantes to assist them in their fight against cancer.

Cancer Warriors for Central Nevada was created by Laurel Topken, when cancer struck close to home last year. Her stepdaughter was diagnosed with breast cancer and was in the process of going through treatment when Topken thought of the idea to start a fundraiser to help her. Once they completed the fundraisers for her stepdaughter, Topken said she felt the need to continue with fundraisers to give back to the community.

All of the committee members of Cancer Warriors for Central Nevada were on board for the idea of helping the fight against cancer, since they to have been touched by the effects of cancer in some way.

In order to get considered by the foundation, recipients first had to be nominated by family members, friends or both. Once nominated, the names of several possible candidates were put into a bowl and two were drawn out to decide which candidates were going to be the recipients. Hubbard and Cervantes are this years recipients.

The theme of the fundraiser is Redneck Shindig. Topken thought of the idea because of her involvement with cars growing up.

“I’ve always been into automobiles because my parents were in automobile clubs, my whole family has been involved in that kind of thing.” Said Topken.

“So I wanted to do something different, and I figured with the Redneck one, no one has to have a fancy vehicle to have a redneck vehicle. I thought that would appeal to a lot of locals around here.”

“We started out by just wanting to do a car show but we wanted to keep people around all day so then we started adding in all these other activities and it just sort of bloomed from there.”

The foundation is putting on many events to keep everyone of all ages entertained all day. Those events include the following:

Redneck car show

Categories: tricked up, biggest tires, tallest, muddiest, rustiest, most colorful, most covered in primer, rednecked (bailing wire, duct tape, etc.), Frankensteined (mixed parts), street car, service truck, redneck pin striping, bike, and other.

Redneck creations contest

Repurposed items, recycled items, making something work in an unusual way, creating a unique solution to a problem.

Redneck Costume Contest

Dress up in your most redneck outfit. If you do not have an outfit, outfits will be provided if needed.

Redneck Ramble Costumed 5K run/walk

Start near the Dry Gulch and proceed to run around the Churchill County Fairgrounds.

Lunch Time Auction (Bachelor and Bachelorette)

Volunteer bachelor and bachelorette will be auctioned off with a packed lunch to the highest bidder. The volunteers can either pack their own lunch or use a donated lunch. They are asked to dress up in their best redneck attire.

Carnival games

Watermelon eating contest

Redneck political races

Live auction

The Redneck Costume and Creations contest will accept donations. The Car Contest has a $20, the Redneck Ramble Costume 5K run/walk has a $25 fee, and the carnival games are $1. Prizes will be awarded to those who win each category.

There will be several vendors at the event, such as Top Gun restaurant, Indian tacos, Dutch oven demonstrations, jewelry makers, Mary Kay and others who sell hunting knives, purses and more.

After the bills are paid, Topken said the organization gives 90 percent of the remaining funds to the recipients. The other 10 percent goes into savings for the next event.

Topken said Hubbard and Cervantes are able to use the donations however they see fit, whether it’s for treatment, travel expenses, food, etc.

The Redneck Shindig begins at 8 a.m. as well as the Redneck Run. The Mexican feast begins at 6 pm. People can purchase tickets in advance at Jeff’s and Postage Plus or by calling Lana Scharmann at 775-867-5350; tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children. Tickets at the door will increase by $2. An auction will be held toward the end of the evening with items available to view throughout the day.


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