Update on body found near Interstate 80

A camper discovered on Saturday the partially exposed remains of a body off exit 65 on Interstate 80, reports Churchill County Sheriff Ben Trotter.

In a statement released Monday morning, the remains are of a man who was buried in a shallow grave located about nine miles northeast of the Nightingale exit.

“It appears erosion and animal activity exposed the remains,” Trotter said in the media release. “The body was delivered to the Washoe County Medical Examiner for investigation.”

Trotter said foul play is not being ruled out and more information will be released as it becomes available.

Following an autopsy, the victim was identified as a white male with white hair and a small patch of hair on his chin. He had been missing two front teeth for a long time.

Trotter said some time in his past, the victim had a shattered right femur and had a metal rod surgically installed inside the bone of his right femur.

Trotter said the medical examiner has not issued a report or provided an estimate for time of death. Evidence indicates the victim most likely died as a result of a gunshot. Toxicology results are pending.

If anyone has information they believe may help identify the victim, contact Sgt. Richard Hickox at the CCSO at (775) 423-3116 or rhickox@so.churchill.nv.us.


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