Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014

After reading all the articles about plans for a new hotel and convention center along with revamping the streets downtown, I wondered how anyone could justify this insanity.

The long-standing joke of Carson City, the Ormsby, stands as a monument to the inflated ego and inability to see the project to its logical conclusion. How many homeless families could benefit from all that wasted space? How many small businesses could profit by using the ground floor? And how many unemployed people could have the potential for employment? All these things could contribute to the city coffers and get Carson City back on its feet. There should be a limit to the ostentatious waste of valuable space.

The only way a new hotel would work is if the Carson Nugget, were to be razed and replaced with a beautiful, historically-correct building. I can’t understand how the historical society allowed such a building to be built and dominate our lovely capital city.

Frances M. Payson

Carson City


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