Carson man gets maximum sentence for 2 counts of rape

David Stone was sentenced to life plus an additional count of life in prison on Monday after his conviction on two counts of raping a 12-year-old boy.

Each of the life sentences carries a minimum 35 years in prison, under the law, the only sentence that can be imposed in cases of juvenile rape.

Since Judge Todd Russell made the two sentences consecutive, that means the 62-year-old Stone wouldn’t be eligible for parole until he is 134 years old.

It took a jury of 10 women and two men just 90 minutes to convict him after the October trial.

Defense counsel Ben Walker said there was no physical evidence and that the victim’s behavior after the rape was unchanged. He said, in fact, the boy had “such a good time,” he wanted to spend another night at Stone’s house.

But Assistant District Attorney Mark Krueger said the boy’s testimony about what happened was “precise and detailed about the assault.” He also pointed to the blue rag found in the headboard of Stone’s bed with the boy’s semen and DNA on it.

The assaults occurred in 2011 but Krueger said it’s common for young victims not to report an assault immediately.

In addition, Russell sentenced Christopher Ryan Teague to probation for having sex with a girl who was, at the time, under 16. He pleaded to the single count of statutory sexual seduction in the case. She was just two weeks shy of 16 when the incident occurred in a truck near Western Nevada College.

He was sentenced to 12-32 months in prison but granted probation instead of prison time. Defense counsel Marcie Ryba pointed out that Teague has an otherwise completely clean record and is currently working two jobs to help support his sister who is battling cancer.


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