Baseball begins early with FanFest

Be on the lookout for a trio of championship trophies in the next couple of months.

After winning their third World Series since 2010, the San Francisco Giants announced this week that they will take all three trophies on a two-month tour in California with brief stops in Oregon and Nevada. The tour will make a stop in Reno like the last two trips in 2011 and 2013.

While it may be hard to get into the baseball mode right now with football on TV every day, the Giants’ trophy tour is an exciting sign of gratitude as the team thanks its dedicated fans. And if you haven’t seen the trophy up close, you’re missing out.

Not only will you get the opportunity to see the trophy in person, but fans will be also allowed to take a photo. The location and date of the stop will be determined at a later date. The first trophy tour stopped at the University of Nevada, Reno’s student union while the second made an appearance at Aces Stadium during Reno’s FanFest.

But if you can’t swing by to see the trophy in Reno, then experience San Francisco’s FanFest, which is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Feb. 7 at AT&T Park. Admission is free.

Going to the ballpark just before spring training begins is a great way to get into the baseball spirit. Whether it’s the Giants, A’s or your favorite ball club, there isn’t an experience in comparison.

Giants memorabilia will be on display, you can get your face painted in the Fan Lot and even get a photo taken with the three trophies on the promenade level below the scoreboard. If you wanted to know what the view would be like in certain sections, then FanFest allows fans to explore the stadium as well the Giants Dugout Store. You can even purchase tickets for the upcoming season at the event.

Many of the team’s players will be available for photos and autographs but as you can imagine after winning the World Series, the lines can get ridiculously long. In the Giants Highlight Theater, you can watch top moments from the previous seasons and even walk or play catch on the field.

KNBR, which sponsors the annual event, will have a broadcast stage on the field as Kruk and Kuip interview players and the coaching staff as the team prepares for the new season.

If you need a baseball fix because the football season has treated you miserably, especially if you’re a 49ers or Raiders fan, then the Giants FanFest in two months is your cure. But if you can’t make it across the Sierras and into the Bay Area, then wait another month, and you’ll get to see the Giants trophy tour make a stop in Northern Nevada.

Are you ready for baseball season?

I am.

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