Oasis Academy creates jump-start program

Cody Deegan, right, IT creator of the Oasis Academy website looks over the enrollment process for the high school with his son Kaleb.

Cody Deegan, right, IT creator of the Oasis Academy website looks over the enrollment process for the high school with his son Kaleb.

Oasis Academy is expanding its newly created high school to provide a jump-start program for students to earn college credits while earning their high school diploma.

Rochelle Tisdale, high school administrator for Oasis, said she and the staff are very excited about the high school they’re adding to the academy and the new jump-start program that partners with Western Nevada College.

According to the school, Oasis Academy College Preparatory High School offers students the opportunity to earn both an advanced high school diploma and a fully funded associate’s degree from WNC. OACP offers an invested and caring environment by all stakeholders including school leaders, staff, parents and community. The school’s focus is on student achievement leading to college entrances and completion. The school provides time and fiscal management skills, ACT preparation courses and an intellectually challenging curriculum with close proximity to WNC.

Tisdale said ninth and 10th graders will be on the Oasis campus from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Thursday. She said 11th- and 12th-grade jump-start students will be enrolled in 16 credits and attend classes at WNC from 9:15 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday. Any labs taken may be held later in the day or on Fridays. Tisdale said students will be able to access tutoring and counseling at OACP before and after class time. OACP jump-start classes that are taught at WNC will have other OACP jump-start students in the classes.

OACP will offer clubs based on student interest. Tisdale said extra-curricular activities will include Oasis lacrosse and other sports and clubs, which will be offered through various community organizations and facilities.

Tisdale said testing is required for students to place the upper level students into WNC English courses. Algebra II is a pre-requisite for WNC math courses. She said if students do not place into college level classes, they may take remedial courses and receive high school credit.

Tisdale stressed OAPC is a tuition-free public high school that is fully approved by the State of Nevada.

“The jump-start program is free for students,” Tisdale said. “We appropriate the funds in such a way that it allows everything to be free for the students. Not only will the tuition be free but also the books and lab fees will be covered, and the students will receive a chrome book to use and be provided with tutors to help them succeed. Everything we’re doing is for the kids and to help them be successful.”

Tisdale said the program is quickly reaching its goal of 120 students but said there will be no cap for students who can attend. She said as along as WNC can accommodate the students they will continue to enroll them.

Furthermore, Tisdale said the ninth and 10th-grade classes will be capped at 40 students for each grade and will continue to have no more than 20 students in each class. Current eighth grade students will roll up into the high school, and prior Oasis students will have top priority in joining the new high school and the program. Tisdale said the students who are attending the jump-start program would also have no more than 20 students in each class.

“The response and support from the parents and students has been overwhelming,” Tisdale said. “We have put a lot of hard work into making sure the high school and jump-start run smoothly so to see it finally coming together gives us a great feeling.”

Tisdale said parent involvement makes all the difference at Oasis and the school, and facility are thankful for their volunteering.

For information visit www.oasisacademyfallon.us or call 775-423-5437.


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