Hickey: Reps need to stop squabbling

Pat Hickey, the deposed leader of the Nevada Assembly Republican caucus, issued a statement Monday urging fellow members of the lower house not to let partisan in-fighting make them miss the opportunities made “uniquely possible with historic Republican majorities in both houses.”

In the wake of the November elections that surprised all by handing the GOP control of the Assembly, Hickey said, “there’s downright chaos in the proverbial backroom of one political clan.”

But that victory was immediately followed by GOP members battling each other as Hickey was replaced by Sparks Republican Ira Hansen who then had to resign because of racist-sounding comments made in columns written for the Sparks Tribune a decade ago. He was replaced by John Hambrick who then replaced Michele Fiore as majority leader and head of taxation. But he reinstated her after she cried foul and charged the decision as sexist.

But she was removed from leadership again after it was revealed she faces IRS leins totaling $1 million.

“Leadership struggles have cause the press to dub Republican Assembly members the ‘Clown Caucus,’” Hickey said.

He said with the session fast approaching, lawmakers face crucial issues including the need to reform and fund education and continue economic diversification.

He said the members of the Assembly need to act like lawmakers did in the special session that approved the Tesla project with both parties and both houses working with the governor to craft the necessary legislation.

“What those lawmakers and the Nevadans they represent don’t need is for Assembly Republicans to continue behaving like a second-rate Vegas lounge act, impersonating Abbott and Costello’s ‘Who’s on First,’” Hickey said.

“Inter-party squabbling like we’re seeing with Assembly Republicans doesn’t score points with constituents, nor does it leave a lasting legislative legacy,” he said. “Voters from all sides of the political spectrum simply expect legislators to get good things done on their behalf.”

Hickey called on fellow lawmakers to work together rather than continue the partisan bickering.

“Good governance and good legislation happens when both sides find common ground and work through their differences,” he said.

“We would do well to put Nevada’s interests first, first before either political party or any of the special interest-driven factions that so easily divide us,” he said.


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