Dutch Bros., Carl’s Jr. moves in works

Carrington Co., owner of Carson Mall, has told city officials that mall changes to accommodate Sportsman’s Warehouse and Bealls will include eventual moves for the Carl’s Jr. and Dutch Bros. outlets.

Interim City Manager Marena Works said she had talked with a representative of the California-based property company and was told progress toward openings by the imminent Carson City retailers is on target for April.

“They’re cranking along really well,” Works said, adding she was told the Utah-based outdoor outfitter may open April 6 and the Texas-based Bealls clothing store is expected to open April 24. Works said both those dates are still tentative.

Carl’s Jr., the fast-food outlet in a separate building just west of the major mall structure, may move to the south end of the major structure to the part of the parking lot where just north of where Stewart and Carson Street meet, according to Works. She said that deal is still being negotiated, however, and she couldn’t provide other details when questioned after the board meeting ended.

Works also had few details regarding the Dutch Bros. coffee outlet for passing drivers, which also is west of the main mall, saying only that she had been told it would move north in the parking lot so it is no longer in front of the west side of the Sportsman’s Warehouse and Bealls main mall area.

The current address for Carl’s Jr. is 1315 S. Carson St.; the coffee stand is at 1449 S. Carson St.


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