100 Years Ago

The law prohibiting the opening of post offices and the delivery of mail on Sunday has added largely to the cost of the postal service and materially lessens its efficiency, according to the annual report of Daniel O. Roper, first assistant post maker general. Roper suggests it would be in the interest of the service and the employees to amend the law so as to authorize Sundays work. He also would grant compensatory time off to employees assigned to Sunday duty.

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, February 7, 1914

Edison’s Kinetophone, the eighth wonder of the world, will afford the people of Fallon and vicinity an opportunity of seeing the renowned talking pictures at the New Rex Theatre. The marvel of the age. Don’t miss it!

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, February 7, 1914

75 Years Ago

Mrs. Winifred Oviatt has taken over the Moore Hospital here as of February first, and is now operating the institution under the name Fallon Emergency Hospital. Mrs. Mary Moore, who has a long record of service to this community as a nurse and hospital operator, and who is 80 years old and still active, will retire in Fallon from active participation in the hospital management. The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, February 4, 1939

Senator Pat McCarran of Nevada has introduced a bill at Washington this week calling for the transfer by the federal government of the old U.S. mint building in Carson City to the state of Nevada for use as a state museum, according to the national capital. Gift of the building to the state has long been the goal of Nevada societies interested in perpetuation of state history in museum displays.

The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, February 4, 1939

Here are a few of the strikingly unusual things visitors will find at the New York World’s Fair in 1939: A parachute tower from which visitors may “bail out” at an elevation of 250 feet, and be sure of a “happy landing”… revolving “magic carpets” from which you look down as from a height of two miles upon the “city of tomorrow” inside the 200 foot Perisphere… “Rocket gun” by which passengers will be shot to the moon or Mars someday – perhaps.

The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, February 4, 1939

50 Years Ago

Rich, but broke…the U.S. economy, our president tells us, achieved an all time record in 1963 with a total GNP of $585 billion! To get it still higher, public servants need to pass a $11 billion tax reduction bill. To confuse the picture a little more, Mr. Johnson is concerned about millions of poverty-stricken Americans. Perhaps its that new arithmetic they use in Washington. The Eagle-Standard, Tuesday, February 11, 1964

The Brinkerhoff Drilling Co. hopes to encounter 500 to 600 degree steam on the Reynolds Stillwater Ranch for electric power production.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Tuesday, February 4, 1964

A View From The Past…Stories from the Churchill County Museum & Archives, researched and compiled by Margo Weldy, Churchill County Museum Assistant and Haylee Rodarte-Whitaker, Museum Intern.


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