Band to debut its new song

Scarlet Verbs performs Saturday at Coyote Grill in Zephyr Cove.

Scarlet Verbs performs Saturday at Coyote Grill in Zephyr Cove.

Making modern acoustic rock and alternative music isn’t just for teenagers anymore, even vice principals and school psychologists are joining in on the fun.

Local band The Scarlet Verbs perform at 8 p.m. Jan. 24 at Flight Restaurant with their new drummer, Dan Wold.

They will debut their new jazzy-blues song “Fly Home,” which was written by band member and elementary school psychologist Margaret Dixon in honor of the restaurant. It was inspired by a flight home from Seattle.

“The steward was saying put up your trays, stow your goods, and I was inspired to write the chorus and the first verse of the song in those minutes,” said Dixon.

The Scarlet Verb members include Dixon, Wold, and founding member Nathan Alanz.

Although he began playing the drums while in high school, this will be Wold’s first performance in 32 years.

Wold, 57, has been the vice principal at Carson Valley Middle School for 5 years and began working there after Kingsbury Middle School closed.

He said he enjoys all genres of music.

“The style of the music doesn’t really matter much, I guess,” he said. “I played jazz, swing and rock when I was younger, but it’s the chance to do something creative and worthwhile with people who are intelligent and interesting, like Nathan and Margaret, that makes it enjoyable.”

Dixon and Alanz met about two years ago at a campout in Hope Valley, and began playing together shortly after Dixon learned to play the bass.

“One thing that’s fun with them is that it’s their own music, too. Anyone who has flown recently on a commercial flight would like (Fly Home),” said Wold, “When I played years ago we only did covers.”

According to Dixon, the chorus, “Put up your trays, stow your good, toss your trash, ready, set, dash, you’re home again, and someone to them, they know your face, you belong someplace. Fly home, fly fast, it won’t take long; you’re home at last,” is the happy part of the song.

“The rest of the song is a bit of a rant about how the friendly skies are not so friendly anymore, you’re just a number in line, even sitting is a chore,” she said. “All in fun, though.”

Flight Restaurant is located at 2244 Meridian Blvd., off Airport Road. For more information, call 782-1333.


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