Ballot question approved for fire department equipment

Commissioners approved on Wednesday a ballot question for November's general election to purhase equipment for the Fallon/Churchill Fire Department.

Commissioners approved on Wednesday a ballot question for November's general election to purhase equipment for the Fallon/Churchill Fire Department.

The Churchill County Commissioners met Wednesday and approved placing a ballot question on November’s general election ballot to support the purchase of fire equipment for the Fallon/Churchill Fire Department.

Fire chief Fred Rogne addressed the commissioners about the issue.

“The money has been very valuable to the fire department,” Rogne said. “We did this back in 2008, put it on a ballot and the community rallied and supported us. We put that money to good use.”

Rogne said the fire department does not spend the money foolishly; they use it very carefully on their purchases.

“We’ve rebuilt some fire trucks, replumbed them, put new pumps in them and purchased hoses so we just use it for equipment. We don’t use it for any repairs except for the big items.”

Commissioner Bus Scharmann asked Rogne if the bond would also be for six years like the last one. Rogne said it would be for six years and since the last time it was voted on it has brought the fire department $1.2 million over five years.

“It’s approximately $200,000 per year if approved by the voters,” Comptroller Alan Kalt said.

Commissioner Pete Olsen said the Fallon/Churchill Fire Department is outstanding.

“My concern is how do we get across to the community. I know it’s been done in the past,” Olson said. “Is there a plan in place or a committee that’s been put together to try and figure out a way to get the word out to the community that this is worth while? This is a bargain for the community and we need to support the fire department.”

There is a plan, Rogne said.

“We’re going to put a PowerPoint presentation together, and we’ll probably go to Rotary (Fallon Rotary Club) and a few other organizations and then to Candidates Night and present it to the candidates,” Rogne said. “I did it in 2008 and I was surprised with the support we had. It felt good to explain what we were going to use that money for and have the audience support the fire department. And I believe this community is behind us.”

Olsen said he doesn’t want to take anything fore granted.

“People forget and when you go back and ask for money people think that you’re going and digging in their pocket and they’d like to know they’re getting something for their money,” Olsen said.

Rogne said that Reno spends $95,000 per firemen a year.

“We’re very fortunate in this community that people will step up to the plate and become volunteers,” Rogne said. “I have a waiting list right now, we have 42 members, we’re going to increase that and we’ve had some guys retire, so we’re going to start adding more firemen.”

Other items the commissioners discussed and/or approved included the following:

Discussed update of current activities and plans related to the Carson City District of the Bureau of Land Management.

Discussed the history and funding of the China Spring Youth Camp.

Approved Resolution 14-2014 revised authorizing a medium-term obligation to purchase a dozer for Churchill County Road Department and authorized the comptroller to take necessary steps to obtain the medium-term financing in accordance with the Nevada Administrative Code and the Nevada Revised Statutes.

Approved to reappoint Bob Getto to the Transfer of Development Right Sending Site Review Committee to fill a term that expires July 31, 2017.

Approved to appoint Paula Utter to the Planning Commission.

Approved to reappoint Jim Curran and Mike Olsen to the Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife to fill terms that expire June 30, 2017.

Approved Bill 2014-D, Ordinance 113 for a public hearing on Aug. 7 and direct the clerk to publish notice of the ordinance as required by law.

Approved Resolution 17-2014 supporting the Interstate-11 corridor and future extension through Northern Nevada.

Approved recordation of conservation easement document No. 441533 for property located at 2140 Drumm Lane, Assessor’s Parcel Number 006-771-53, consisting f 20 acres with 9.18 acres of water rights, to authorize the issuance of 17 TDR certificates to Churchill County and to record the notice of final decision to issue said certificates.

Discussed the community cleanup projects completed by Enel Green Power and Alterra Power.

Approved letter to Nevada Association of Counties expressing Churchill County’s support of the final Nevada Land Management Task Force report to the Legislative Committee on public lands.

Approved lease agreement with Duncan Golf Management, Inc., for the lease agreement on the Fallon Golf Course.


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