Fire safety book to be featured during library Storytime

Carson City firefighters have a new tool to teach fire safety.

“Fire Safety Day,” an easy-to-read children’s book, follows Owen as he comes home to tell his mom what he learned in school that day.

The book will be featured during two Storytime sessions at the Carson City Library beginning at 10:15 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. on Thursday.

Parents and children can show up at the library for Storytime and get a free copy of the new book in English or Spanish.

Although the story is simple, Carson City Fire Chief Stacey Giomi says it has an important message.

“This book is a great tool to teach kids how to help keep themselves and their families safe,” he said. “It’s important to instill a culture of awareness and responsibility at at young age.”

“It’s for children to start a conversation with their family, so their parents can create a fire-safe home,” said Teri Vance, who wrote the story.

The book was created by Nevada Photo Source owner and photographer Cathleen Allison. Tara Burke of Computer Artistry designed it.

The 18-page book features photos of the Carson City Fire Department, with a yellow firefighter’s helmet on the cover.

In one picture, four members of the Fire Department are talking to Owen’s class.

“The firefighter looked funny,” he said, laughing. “He wore a big mask, kind of like an astronaut. But that’s what helps him breathe safely in the smoke.”

The idea of using familiar Carson City firefighters and their big yellow trucks to help children connect to the important fire-safety messages in the book — like having an escape plan and a safe place to meet — is a key factor, said Allison. The book includes a grid for mapping a way out of your house.

Books will be available at the Carson City Library, 900 N. Roop St., in all Carson City elementary school libraries and from the Fire Department at its main station, 777 S. Stewart St.

Although it’s aimed at elementary-aged children, the message is for older students and parents as well.

“We hope it will inspire parents,” said Vance. “It’s a call to action for parents to make their homes safe from fire.”


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