Past Pages for Thursday, July 24, 2014

140 Years Ago

The popular restaurateur, Frisbie, has added to the attractions of his show window by the addition of stuffed birds. He has a prairie chicken from Paradise Valley and a brown curlew from Walker River…

130 Years Ago

Part IV: “Great God!” exclaimed the younger, “this is murder and we will both hang.” The murderer sent a second blow into the skull of his companion.

I had sat if spell-bound at the horrid scene, but by superhuman effort, I shook off the trance and sprang to my feet and the whole scene vanished, leaving the naked and ghastly looking walls over the flickering light of the fire. (continued on Friday)

110 Years Ago

Natale Petar of Empire died. He was a well known and highly respected citizen of Empire and had been ill some few weeks. His death came as a severe blow to his family and friends. He was a native of Switzerland, and came to Virginia City 35 years ago and been employed as a mill man.

70 Years Ago

Stockholm — the bomb attempt against Adolf Hitler “scared the pants” off the fuehrer. The explosion tore the pants from all the Nazis sitting around a map table. After Hitler recovered from shock, he changed his uniform.

50 Years Ago

Duane Berning received the U.S. Army Commendation Medal award for his improvement of systems and procedures in logistics planning while assigned to the U.S. Army Air Defense Center in Ford Bliss, Texas.

30 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Capital Ford Mercury Volkswagen —1 984 Tempo $7153, 5-speed, power steering, dual mirrors, tinted glass; 1984 Ranger 4 x 4 — gauges, M&S tires, rear step bumper, tinted glass; 1984 Wolfsburg Limited Edition Rabbit, $7299.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006


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