Saylor historic art a fundraiser for Comstock

Renowned Dayton artist Steven Saylor is celebrating the 150th anniversary of Nevada statehood by painting “Nine Cheers for the Silver State” featuring Gov. Brian Sandoval, U.S. Senators Harry Reid and Dean Heller, and Mark Amodei, who represents the Northern Nevada congressional district. The painting serves as a fundraiser for the Comstock Foundation for History and Culture, a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration of the Comstock Historic District, a National Historic Landmark.

Saylor’s painting takes its title from a headline that appeared in the Gold Hill Daily News on Oct. 31, 1864. Past Governors Paul Laxalt, Bob List, Dick Bryan, and Bob Miller as well as former First Ladies Dawn Gibbons and Dema Guinn, in honor of the Guinn and Gibbons administrations, also participated by posing for this painting.

In addition, the painting depicts John Winfield, Corrado De Gasperis, and Ron James, directors of the Comstock Foundation.

The painting is set in the well-appointed Cobb Mansion, the Virginia City home of Comstock Foundation board member Paul Yandre and his partner Jeff Teague. Saylor’s composition depicts the moment when news of statehood reached Virginia City in 1864. Gov. Sandoval is signing a proclamation commemorating Nevada’s admission into the Union, and Mark Amodei is reading an 1864 issue of the Territorial Enterprise, which includes an article on statehood.

The Comstock Foundation will make 150 numbered prints of the painting available for purchase. Each copy will include a one ounce medallion celebrating the 150th anniversary of statehood, minted from pure Comstock silver from Comstock Mining’s operation. The cost of each print, including a Comstock silver medallion, is $1,150. For an additional $400, the print will be framed and will include a second medallion. The Foundation is also offering 15 special re-marqued artist’s proofs for $1,400.

“We anticipate that the effort will raise over $100,000, which is needed to preserve at-risk resources of our National Landmark,” said De Gasperis, chairman of the board of the Comstock Foundation.

De Gasperis is also the CEO of Comstock Mining, Inc., which has dedicated a one percent royalty of its Storey County operation’s net smelter return (one percent NSR) to the Comstock Foundation for the advancement of historic preservation and other aspects of cultural development within the historic district.

Pre-sale reservations can be made through PayPal, available at the Comstock Foundation website,, or by calling Johnye Saylor at 775-742-0588. Reserving a numbered print requires a $150 deposit.

The uncolored sketch of the painting – to be in full color – is available For additional information contact Ron James, executive director of the Comstock Foundation, at 775-443-7803.


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