Fuji sign funds are recommended

A recommendation to kick in $30,000 to erect a $70,000 events sign at Fuji Park and Fairgrounds cleared Carson City’s Parks and Recreation Commission without dissent Tuesday night.

The plan envisions using uncommitted Quality of Life money to combine with funding from other sources to complete the first phase of the events sign, which later could be upgraded for significantly more money from a banner sign to an electronics LED events sign. The recommendation next goes to the Board of Supervisors.

The other funding sources are the Nevada Commission on Tourism, which provided a grant for $20,000, and city Redevelopment Authority money, which was recommended by the authority citizens’ committee to provide the match for the grant with another $20,000.

It took 95 minutes for a presentation, testimony and discussion before the commission took action. Among supporters of the idea were Stan Jones, immediate past president of the city’s Chamber of Commerce, Ronni Hannaman, executive director of the chamber and a Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee member, Steve Reynolds of Sign Pro, and Joel Dunn, executive director at Carson City’s Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Jones supported the first-phase sign but said he personally opposes the later phases if the total cost exceeds $200,000. Reynolds said he was providing technical advice and wouldn’t be after the sign business. His endorsement was the sign next to the Bailey Fishing Pond near the park and fairgrounds would provide good bang for the buck.

“You don’t have a lot of sign clutter at this location,” he said. “This $30,000 is extremely well spent money.”

On a different matter, the commission voted without dissent to instruct city staff to meet with representatives from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Nevada to explore options that would include a joint facility use agreement for the multi-purpose athletic center (MAC), a project set to be built on club land which will go to the city when an option to buy club land is done.

Parks and Recreation Director Roger Moellendorf said that was the original plan, but a few year ago the Board of Supervisors approved another conceptual idea that a rental agreement might be used.

The staff will return to the commission with a possible agreement at a subsequent meeting. Moellendorf said the hope now is to start construction of the MAC later this year.


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