Letters to the editor for Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lies about health law politically motivated

The Affordable Care Act is law just as Medicare and Social Security are law; yet the Republicans and Tea Party keep attacking ACA like they can do something about it. Actually, the Tea Party Republicans have nothing better to run on in the 2014 Midterm elections so they are “running against” the ACA (Obamacare) with a campaign of lies and deception.

The Tea Party Republicans have become a bankrupt political entity beating a dead horse. They will try to seduce unwary voters with a pack of lies about Obamacare in efforts to fire up enthusiasm. This, like all their other endeavors over the past five years aimed at obstructing President Obama, is doomed to failure.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City, Calif.

Letter writer didn’t have all the facts

I am writing this reply to the person’s opinion of sentencing in the recent murder case mentioned. It truly saddens met to think that someone with little to no knowledge of proof and facts of a case which led to this horrific incident could be so quick to pass judgment on another human being! Did it ever occur to them that the district attorney did have all the facts?

Bad decisions were made by all parties involved, unfortunately including the victim. If there was a chance of changing that evening’s outcome, I’m sure all involved would have made different decisions. Unfortunately, in this life we don’t get “do-overs.” All that can come now is knowledge learned by this, hopefully keeping it from happening to anyone else. Heaven forbid if the same situation presented itself where “you” were in fear for your life and the safety of your child. Can you definitely say what actions you may take as a way of protecting both? I think not!

This was a lose-lose situation — no one wins. I hope that person does some serious soul searching of their own on this matter. Last time I checked, passing judgment is up to one and only one! Maybe they should do some reading on that, too!

Paula Westbrook


God still considers homosexuality a sin

I disagree with the part of Chuck Muth’s column that gives shrugging acceptance to the inevitability of gay marriage and legal pot. The God worshipped by the world’s three great monotheistic religions still hasn’t changed His mind: homosexuality is a sin. We don’t give the Congressional Medal of Honor to meter maids and we shouldn’t pervert the institution of marriage by sanctifying the unions of the fashionable victim group du jour. Same-sex “inevitability” comes mainly from a cram down campaign by left wing judges nullifying state constitutions and Obama’s Justice Department.

As to legal pot, funny how this gateway drug that can cause a contact high among bystanders and is far more carcinogenic than tobacco is being pushed by the “party of science.” They’re the same ones on a jihad against scented water vapor from electronic cigarettes.

But when Chuck Muth says that Gov. Sandoval has raised taxes, increased spending, grown government, implemented Obamacare, expanded Medicaid, given driver’s licenses to unlawful immigrants and done absolutely nothing for school choice, we’re in perfect alignment. The Silver State Health Exchange director just resigned in disgrace over the Sandoval-care train wreck. Add this to the list of reasons voters should reject the constitutional office candidates Sandoval’s consulting group is backing and instead support Sue Lowden for lieutenant governor, Adam Laxalt for attorney general, Ron Knecht for controller and Dan Schwartz for treasurer.

Lynn Muzzy


Yield sign functions similarly to stop sign

Recently I wrote about the method of turn when entering a roadway from an intersection or side street. This led to some discussion in regards to another issue, yielding to oncoming traffic when using the freeway on ramps. Having been nearly struck myself by drivers of vehicles who fail to yield, I thought I would address this question.

Yield signs mean the same as stop signs, except you may proceed without coming to a full stop if it is safe to do so. You must slow down as you come to the intersection and give the right of way to pedestrians and through traffic. I have noted that on the freeway entrance ramps to I580 there are yield signs posted for traffic merging with through traffic as you approach the on-ramp. Vehicles that have the yield signs facing them must yield to other traffic that occupies the roadway where the two lanes merge.

It is most important that you be aware of other vehicles when merging on to the ramp, as inattention can lead to a collision. It would appear that the majority of near crashes are due to drivers being in a hurry to get to their next destination. For those of you who fall into this category, think about the fact that a crash will delay you in time more than if you had just taken a moment to yield.

Sgt. Scott McDaniel

Carson City Sheriff’s Office

Vote for Reid was a vote for change for the worse

In response to Mr. Reid’s front page story recently, I would like to quote him: “All I ask is for Republicans to understand what legislation is all about. It’s the art of compromise and building a consensus.”

However, in 2012, his compromise had a different message: “Mitt Romney’s fantasy that Senate Democrats will work with him ... is laughable.”

And another recent quote: “I don’t blame them for not liking Congress.”

And yet again when asked about running in 2016: “I don’t get involved in fights I don’t have to.”

It should be obvious what Nevada “voted” for now. More of the same change for the worse, including fear mongering of change for the worse which is exactly what we are experiencing now — change that is worse for Nevada and America. Harry Reid hasn’t historically helped Nevada rise from the bottom of the list in any economic measure that matters. I’m sure he would blame this on Republicans though.

In closing, we can assume if Harry Reid was diagnosed with a bad case of hemorrhoids it was those darned Republicans ... if they would only let us get new softer chairs in the Senate chamber.

Richard Troolines



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