Assemblywoman Flores files for lieutenant governor

Assemblywoman Lucy Flores filed as a Democrat to run for lieutenant governor Tuesday, and she said she is working to improve relations with Northern and rural Nevadans.

Flores was asked about the impression among some that she is anti-Northern Nevada. She made comments during the 2013 legislative session indicating she felt the south was not getting a fair shake in distribution of some funding for things including higher education and transportation.

“I’m getting to know the Northern Nevada community better,” she said.

But she added that some formulas for distributing cash — particularly in education and transportation — are out of date and need to be updated. She said funding formulas need to take into account the needs of all Nevadans.

“In 2011 and 2013 we tried to have that discussion, but you have leadership, especially in the governor’s office, that wouldn’t even have that discussion,” Flores said.

The two top Republicans in the race — state Sen. Mark Hutchison and former state Sen. Sue Lowden — both filed Monday.

Hutchison said his top priorities include getting the federal government to stop infringing on states’ rights. He said he also wants to “fight for an defend the middle-class families and small businesses that serve as the foundation of our economy.”

Lowden said she will work full time to promote Nevada as a tourism destination and encourage job creation through economic development.

Republican PK O’Neill, a longtime law enforcement official in Carson City, filed for Carson City’s Assembly District 40 seat Tuesday.

As the former head of the state’s criminal history repository who has held other high ranking law enforcement positions, O’Neill said he has more than 30 years of experience in not only law enforcement but with the legislative process.

“I know the legislative process firsthand and how important fiscal responsibility is to state government,” he said.

He was endorsed by retiring Carson City Assemblyman Pete Livermore.

Filing continues through this week and next. While candidates for statewide office and multi-county offices including numerous legislators file with the Secretary of State’s Office, those whose districts are within a single county file in that county.


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