Police alert public on utility scam

The Fallon Police Department has received information concerning a scam, said Capt. Ron Wenger in a press releasse.

He said both business and public customers of the city of Fallon have been receiving telephone calls from an individual claiming to be from the city of Fallon Utility Department. The caller tells the customer that he or she is collecting for delinquent or unpaid utility bills or their services will be terminated.

Wenger said a phone message is being left requesting a call back. When the number is called, Wenger said a female voice answers, claiming to be from the billing department. The female tells the customer to pay the debt in the form of “Money Pak” — a money card carried at Walmart or other businesses.

Wenger said the exact origin of the caller is under investigation at this time. Wenger added the FPD would remind residents that the City Utility Department does not make phone calls collecting debt over the phone. If you receive a call of this nature, hang up. Wenger said concerned residents may call the city’s Utility Department if they have a question on whether they are late on a bill or not.


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