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Editor: Jeanette Strong states, in her February 26th. column, “an unfettered Free market is really Social Darwinism, where the strong, devour the poor.”

Equally so, and unfettered government leads to Socialism. Whenever the two get out of balance, this country and its citizens suffer.

Having worked in both labor and management over a 43-year period, I’ve walked picket lines, worked on the docks, and made difficult decisions affecting another person’s employment and a company’s survival. It wasn’t easy.

In July 1964, I graduated high school. My parents were divorcing. My mother brought my four brothers and me from Pennsylvania to California for a new life. We had only $1,000, an old VW bus, hoping to better ourselves. Our meager belongings were piled on top. When we arrived, no food stamp program or welfare was available to us. We worked two or three small jobs just to survive.

Our family watched “the Golden State” deteriorate as hand-ups became handouts. Certainly, there are those who deserve help. However, increasing numbers now believe it’s their right to “Somebody else’s money.” They vote themselves out of economic freedom into government dependency for “free stuff.” As Margret Thatcher stated “Sooner or later you run out of other peoples money.”

In the Industrial Revolution, people were treated as property of business, like indentured servants. Now I fear that our government is treating us the same way. We’re being told what healthcare we must have, the kind of car we must drive, what foods we eat, and how our children must be raised and educated.

Our nation’s debt has doubled since Obama took office. The gap between rich and poor has never been worse. His policies obviously aren’t working. Instead of arguing how to divide a stagnant economy, how about working together on policies that increase its size, benefiting everyone?

Douglas Hill

Churchill County Resident


Editor: I ask the question I read and quoted by Coach Overlie in an article I found online, “What’s the lesson to be learned?” Though this was regarding disbelief by the approach of the school district, I pose the same question to the student-athletes, current and past. I pose this question to the parents of those athletes.

To the student-athlete, the lesson is that consequences of your actions do not affect you alone. They affect your family, your friends, and your coaches who care about you. That is addressed also to the student-athlete who witnesses, but does not participate in the hazing, bullying, or putting down of anyone else. Your silence may be equally damaging to the victim and those accountable, while you were in a position to stop it. I invite you as a proud alumnus of Churchill County High School not to tolerate any mistreatment of your peers anymore, especially your teammates. No one deserves that. You do not deserve that. Though I’m sad about the consequences of this situation, I’m proud that the hazing did not go unknown. This happens too much in our schools and society today.

Parents, please ask your sons and daughters. If your son or daughter is “popular” or influential, help him/her see the potential to prevent and, when necessary, stop such hazing from happening. If your child is a victim, my heart goes out to you. I hope the problem can be solved without escalation, but I do not disagree with approaching local authorities in certain circumstances. Your role is critical in creating a safe atmosphere for all youth in the community. In summary, as someone who loves CCHS and the amazing community of Fallon, I invite anyone who reads this to honor Coach Overlie by making sure this NEVER happens again.

James Stubbs

St. Joseph, Mich.


Editor: I attended the school board meeting (Thursday) and heard all the support for teacher and coach, Mitch Overlie. I’ve known Mitch for almost 10 years but was literally in awe to hear the impact he has had on our children. He is truly a rare teacher, coach and person of great value to the community.

I am very dismayed at the actions to date the school board/superintendent has taken against Mitch Overlie. Talking to those close to the hazing incident and reading the paper, it is quite clear the facts have not been shared with the public, those you work for. We need a clear statement to be issued on why and who determined Mr Overlie would not be offered the coaching position this spring. It must also be explained why more than one version of this action was put out as truth.

What is even more appalling is that Mr. Overlie has not been told why! This must never be allowed to happen again. I do not believe actions taken by our government including a school board/superintendent should be done in secrecy unless it is a matter of national security. You are taking actions representing the public. The public needs to know the facts in every case.

The first action you must take is to call for a special meeting before the next scheduled school board meeting on March 13. This meeting would be for the school board to direct the superintendent to immediately offer Mr. Overlie the spring 2014 track coaching position.

Future meetings need to immediately address the openness of all actions taken by the school district. Never again should a lie by issued to the press or public on any action taken.

John Dirickson



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