Sam Bauman: Make sure you know ALS laws, regulations

As a follow-up to my recent column about laws regarding assisted living space rentals, I received another letter commenting on the situation. This one is unsigned because, “I don’t want to cause any problems for the (Carson) Plaza.”

Here’s what the wrote:

“The Carson Plaza is ...not an ALS (assisted living space) … It is strictly (a) retirement community, with no assistance available, unless a resident wishes to hire someone to care for him or her.

“It is a great facility … rooms are comfortable … always activities provided. Most of the managers are pleasant, helpful and considerate.

“My mother enjoyed 15 months there until she decided to “take a walk” at 2 a.m. in her flannel nightgown, shoes, socks and, thankfully, her ID badge. She was picked up by sheriff’s deputies a quarter-mile away. “She has suffered from dementia for a number of years, but this is the first time anyone was aware of this kind of “adventure.”

“We knew she now needed a more secure facility and, at the same time, the home office of Holiday Retirement also asked that she be removed. We now have her in a group home, with alarms on doors and 24-hour supervision. We also experienced the same type of thing that your ‘mystery writer’ (the earlier writer) did — Holiday took several hundred dollars from Mother’s checking account after we had moved her as quickly as possible, as per their request, because we did not give them the required 30-day notice to move!

“I tried to fight it with calls to several top management at Holiday, but because the amount was not much gave up. …

“I respect the managers and the job they do. My complaint is with those of upper management echelons of Holiday Retirement who make blanket decisions and forget about the individuals who pay their salaries.”

What’s to say? The company asks the mother to move out and then charges her for doing so.

This is simply an example of how ALS rentals and ordinary rental agreements law differs. The same commercial rules don’t apply to ALS rentals.

The writer obviously admired the staff here in Carson City. Her complaint is directed to “higher” management.

The morale is obvious. Make sure you know what you’re signing up for ALS. Companies have to make a profit, but sometimes they lose sight of right and wrong.

Musical memories

Those who remember the gravel-voiced Johnny Cash and are planning to take in “Ring of Fire,” a tribute to Cash at the Eldorado Casino in Reno, can take advantage of a reduced ticket rate for seniors at the box office. They also are alerted to keep an eye peeled for the slim and trim woman named Amberly Rosen, who plays the violin while dancing and singing and also plays mandolin, bass, acoustic guitar and even subs on the piano. The cast of nine actually plays, no dubbing that I could catch. And “I Walk the Line” is as poignant as ever.

Help finding medications data

Nonprofit Consumer Reports has a website that can help when searching for information about drugs. It’s called It’s free and gives users the effectiveness and cost of medications.

CR also recently reported on driving with dogs in the car. Seems that the crash rate for older persons who always drive with a dog in the car is nearly double that of seniors who do not. CR checked 2,000 drivers 70 and over, found that roughly one-third owned pets and more than half took their dogs along for the ride.

Nimbleness counts

CR also offered an exercise called “triangle pushups.” Good for the back and tummy. Fingers and thumbs together in a triangle under the chest. Legs straight back and on the toes. Tighten abdominal muscles and slowly bend elbows, allowing them to flare out. Rise and do it over again.

Check with your doc first.

Sam Bauman writes about senior issues for the Nevada Appeal.


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