Letters to the editor for Friday, March 14, 2014

Are unions truly bad for nation’s economy?

I am wondering if unions are so bad for the economy. How come Twinkies and Hostess pies were cheaper and more available when they were union made?

Before I could almost always find a cherry pie, now I can never find them. I must assume that union people know more about cherry pie than non-union people.

Rob Cobb

Carson City

Obamacare tantamount to Britain’s imperialism

A few weeks ago I received a letter from my health insurance company with an ominous message to expect changes to my policy and premium by June 1, 2014. I decided to go ahead and call my health insurance provider and get the skinny!

In a nutshell, my premium got raised 100 percent due to President Obama’s new requirements. Why should any single 42 year old male, with a 21 year old child, pay for maternity leave and dental care for toddlers? It’s foolishness that could only come out of Washington, D.C.!

I was also informed that I would also need to be covered for mental health and substance abuse to be in compliance with this unconstitutional law. Two things that may come in handy if Obama passes his new spending bill.

We’ve been lied to! We’ve been bamboozled! Wake up, America! This is the same taxation without representation that planted the seeds of rebellion with the British Empire! What’s happening in Washington, D.C., is illegal, immoral and just plain stupid. To quote Johnny Rotten, “Ever get a feeling you’ve been cheated?”

Adam D. Hulme

Carson City


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