State supreme court upholds former Nevada senator’s child support

The Nevada Supreme Court has upheld the alimony payments owed to former state Sen. Elizabeth Halseth by her ex-husband, Daniel.

The court concluded that he was “willfully underemployed” and ordered him to pay her the $2,274 monthly child support payment, which it based on his last known income.

Halseth was 27 when elected, the youngest state senator in Nevada history. She resigned a little more than a year into her four-year term amid a messy divorce and charged that she was being “demonized” in the press.

Her resignation came about four months after Las Vegas police arrested her husband on gross-lewdness charges following an incident at their home. Her detractors in turn had accused her of having an affair in Carson City while her husband stayed home with their three children.

The Supreme Court stated that her husband “failed to present any evidence demonstrating why he could not attain employment” and “failed to rebut the presumption that he was willfully underemployed.”


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