Trustees set $1 million cap on new buses

Churchill Couynty School District's Transportation branch is looking at two bids for buying school buses.

Churchill Couynty School District's Transportation branch is looking at two bids for buying school buses.

The Churchill County School District trustees set a $1 million dollar cap at their Thursday meeting for nine new buses for the districts use after hearing the proposals from Steve Russell, director of Transportation.

Russell discussed his findings and recommendations to the board on the companies bidding to contract.

“There are two companies I looked into,” Russell said, “Blue Bird and Thomas buses.”

Russell said a number of things were considered when deciding which company was best suited for the district. He said cost was taken into consideration as well as what the buses would be used for, the warranties, lifetime span and the standard features the buses came with.

“We are looking to replace nine buses,” Russell said. “We are looking to get new route, transit and special ed buses. I believe we could get 12-15 years out of these new buses if we preform the proper maintenance care.”

Russell said after reviewing the cost for each bus, he would recommend buying the route and special ed buses from Thomas and the transit buses from Blue Bird.

“Since we’ll be buying from the two companies it will keep the cost a little lower,” Russell said. “The total of the nine new buses would come to $948,326 and they would be able to deliver them by late July or early August.”

It didn’t take much convincing for the board to agree that the district needed new buses.

Other items the trustees approved or discussed include the following:

Approved employment contract with Kimi Melendy, director of Educational Services, for the 2014-2015 school year.

Approved contract to furnish and install the audiovisual system in the Old High School Auditorium.

Approved to extend the deadline for the Early Retirement Incentive Program for the current year.

Approved utilizing an architect that the district used in the past for the services for the auxiliary gym.

Approved purchasing and installation of two new vehicle lifts at the Transportation Building, using the Capital Projects Fund with an estimated project cost of $250,000.

Approved board goals.

Approved the extension of the superintendent’s evaluation date from April 1 to April 24.


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