Senior Center is full of activities

Were you born before 1954? If that was a yes, you are probably saying, “I’m not a senior, that senior center is for those old people!” Am I right?

Will you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Age is a number, and while we may feel our age on the outside, on the inside we are the same person we were when we were 20. There is not a magic day that we wake up and suddenly “turn” into a senior.

That’s why you need to be here, to share the youth of your true self with others, and join us for lunch or volunteer in one of our many programs.

A beautiful mature woman, who recently lost her husband of many years and even her own kids do not understand what she is struggling with, once explained to me, “Here, you have your peers, your friends who understand when you say ‘I can’t find my keys,’ then they just laugh with you and help you find them.’ Where else do you find friends who know who Roy Rogers was and what he still represents.

You can enjoy many different activities, such as card games, available computers and a great exercise class that is designed for all senior fitness levels from seated to marching. Check the full schedule of activities and services for all the specific activities, dates and times.

You can send us a request to receive the monthly calendar and newsletter each month by email at or call 775-423-7096 to talk to a real person.

The daily lunch is a full meal with soup, salad, entrée and all the sides. The activities and meals support your health and wellness, providing a wonderful opportunity to enjoy breaking bread with friends.

Age is just a number when it comes to friends, as they come in all shapes, sizes and ages.

Our youngest friends from Oasis Academy are very special indeed. Recently, they treated each of our 170 homebound seniors to hand-decorated place mats, valentines and flowers.

Everyone enjoyed the personal touch and being remembered in a special way. They have earned honorary status as our youngest, junior seniors.

While we may be a program designed for age 60 and over, the whole community benefits. The program is celebrating 41 years of service and looking forward to many more successful years.

We invite and welcome you to come and be a part of our mission to enhance quality of life, support senior independence and join us in making a difference.

Happy Trails!

Jamie Lee is the executive director of the Churchill County Senior Center.


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