Letters to the editor for Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Candidate lacks experience to serve on Board of Supervisors

Lisa Helget has filed to run for Carson City Supervisor in Ward 1. Helget has worked for three decades in the Nevada Department of Transportation. That’s the department that took 15 years to build the freeway between Carson City and Reno. That department went through six contractors, constant changes, accidents and $350 million in cost overruns on that road.

Helget has been gorging herself at the public trough for 27 years. Now that she has retired she wants to double dip into city money to pursue her uninformed proposals and scorch the earth experiments into city planning.

Her opponent is running two successful retail businesses. Do you want to put your faith in a double-dipping lifetime bureaucrat who has no credentials in city planning? Helget has never run a “for profit” business. She’s been drawing her pay from the state for 27 years in an organization known for cost overruns, delays and chaos.

Helget is rude and sarcastic at public meetings and on her Facebook page. In a recent board meeting she arrogantly made her bombastic statement and walked out of the meeting immediately.

I have been a downtown businessman in Carson City for more than 15 years. The city has promised changes and I’ve gone to dozens of meetings where ignorant people like Helget bore the attendees with horror stories about what will happen if the city invests a few dollars to widen the sidewalks or improve the traffic patterns. I don’t need an unimaginative paper pusher telling me what’s good for my community.

Michael Robbins

Carson City

Letter objecting to freedom of speech reeks of hypocrisy

Susan Spencer of Carson City objects to Rosalee Barnwell Hinton’s freedom of speech (and the Nevada Appeal’s freedom of the press, Saturday, March 22), yet has no qualms exercising it herself as to what Ms. Hinton really “needs,” and informing us that “all paths in life are correct as long as ...” Hmmmmm ... and ends with, “No one has the right to tell others ...”

April Newman



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