Assembly candidate Block blasts committee vetting

Jed Block, who is running for the Assembly seat vacated by Pete Livermore, says he has rejected the attempt by capital Republicans to review and decide whether he should be the party nominee.

Block said he was informed when and where he should appear before the “recently created, secret Republican Vetting Committee” so its members could decide whether the party should support his candidacy.

He said the proposed “vetting” of candidates was to be in a closed meeting that “may not even be observed without an invitation.”

“I absolutely reject this approach,” he said in a news release. “It is not the Republican way and, in my opinion, ultimately, it is not the Nevada way.”

The process implies that the vetting committee members are to inform the Republican voters how to vote, Block said.

He said the Washoe County Republican Party was right in deciding not to engage in a similar type of pre-primary endorsement process. The district he seeks to represent includes part of Washoe County.


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