Letters to the editor for Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tree battle has become an expensive rigmarole

My name is Nick Galakatos, owner of the Evergreen Center in Carson City. Trees on my property started to become out of control and were dangerous. I was obligated to trim the trees for my tenants to avoid any more accidents.

The tenants were appreciative and happy about the trimming of the trees, but the Planning Commission was not! It charged me a fine and took me to court four times. The Honorable Judge John Tatro fined me again and the court’s decision was to remove the trimmed trees, replace them with new trees, replace the old water lines, thus creating tens of thousands of dollars of bills and a lot of work.

Down the street from me is the Salvation Army; its trees were cut almost to ground level. I asked the Commission why there was an issue with my trees and not theirs; there was no answer for me. I asked Judge Tatro — his reply was that I was in trial, not them. I was ordered to comply with the court’s orders or be thrown in jail for 25 days. Our mayor was no help to me.

My health is not well. I am a veteran with lung problems and issues with my heart and very high blood pressure. I am going back to court. I may be sent to jail for 25 days, then I will be released and have a short time frame to complete the orders. If the orders are not complete, I will be sent to jail for another 25 days and so on …

Nick Galakatos

Carson City

Christianity, not paganism, was the origin of Lent

Regarding a few recent letters condemning the practices of Lent services as being originating from pagan practices, it had nothing at all to do with paganism or any other religious practice!

The 40 days of Lent was established in the Catholic Church as a reminder for us to remember and appreciate the sufferings of Jesus Christ, while fasting for 40 days and 40 nights in the desert prior to His crucifixion, which He suffered for all of mankind!


Mary Santomauro



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