Letters to the editor for Saturday, May 3, 2014

We’re in the eye of an economic hurricane

On the one hand we’ve an obesely bloated central government that as is can never hope to repay even the interest on the debt it owes, staring down the barrel of an inevitable bond failure.

On the other hand are the capitalists run riot, feeding on one another in the derivatives market because there is nothing else left for them to devour. There is literally not enough money in the world to pay off the debt they’ve accumulated.

Then here we are square in the middle, happy as clams, spending like 2008 never happened, enjoying the sunshine and never suspecting that we’re only in the eye of the hurricane. When the tail end hits land, everything we’ve stood upon will be swept away and we’ll be left to wonder, “What the ...?”

Well, good luck with that. I’m bankering in for all the good it may do. I’d flee if there were any place left to run.

Kelly Jones

Carson City

Senior center policies hurt young, old alike

I’ve been going to the senior center to play bingo every Thursday and two Sundays a month for five years. One Thursday in March I was waiting in line as the lunch crowed was leaving the dining room. I noticed two friends coming out. I asked them to play bingo with me. The lady has dementia, the man has carpel tunnel, which makes them handicapped. They could only play three cards each. Both had a good time.

The next week they came again, but sat at another table closer to the caller; he wears hearing aids. They sat down to play their three cards each and the ladies who run the bingo asked them to leave — they couldn’t play only three cards, buy in is $5 and you get six cards, but you can’t share them. The couple is handicapped and can’t play six cards each.

All I’m asking is they change the buy in to $1 per card and buy as many cards as you can play. After you buy in $5 and get six cards then you can buy as many cards as you want, $1 each.

While I was waiting to write you, one other couple I know took their two-year-old daughter lunch at the senior center. They asked for a plate so they could share their meals with her since she couldn’t eat a whole plate. They said no, had to buy a plate for her and throw away what she didn’t eat. I guess they don’t get the mail I get to feed the hungry people in Nevada, especially children.

Grace Harris

Carson City


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